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March 4, 2004  

New pictures of our Caribbean adventures can now be found at We have also added new information about buying and building our Swan 56, Apsara. If you are interested in learning about this, check out

All the best from Admiralty Bay, Bequia, 13N; 061W -- where it is currently blowing over 30 knots in the "sheltered" harbor. We had plans to sail to the Tobago Cays this morning, but, given the weather, we (wisely, I believe) decided there were more enjoyable ways to spend the day. Our good captain, for example, had his first opportunity to swim against a 30 knot breeze and a strong current while carrying an anchor! More on this, and other stories, to come in the next log....

Note to those of you with Hotmail or MSN email accounts: Our most recent log apparently exceeded your 1MB limit. Good news is that you can now find the log posted at here... Just click on the "Messages" link.

Apsara and her faithful crew

s/v Apsara

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