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Apsara's Log: Land Ho!

Mon, 7 Jun 2004 19:27:20  

We are tucked away in the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands. Arrived today at approximately 4pm local time (we think), after 17 days and 5 hours. We had plenty of light to navigate into the harbour, which was fortunate because we really did not want to "heave-to" and wait until daylight drop anchor. And we needed the light, as we are currently anchored in 86 feet (!) of water in the most beautiful bay we have ever seen (this requires ALL of Apsara's anchor chain). Despite the fleeting thoughts of sailing on to Tahiti, we are extremely happy to be here. And, at this moment, we can't imagine an arrival more rewarding or more beautiful.

After a few cocktails and dinner, we are off to our first full night's sleep in a couple of weeks. We'll see who wakes up first, wondering "who is on watch?!"

As a bit of trivia, this bay was originally named "Phallic Bay," after some imposing rock formations onshore. However, when the French missionaries arrived, they promptly converted the name to "Bay of Virgins." (interesting to note - in French - this required the change of only one letter)

Love to you all, and more later in a more general email to the broader group.

Apsara and her faithful crew.

s/v Apsara

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