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Cabo Finisterre


August 13, 2003 2:00 AM
Lat: 43 04N
Long: 09 24 W


Have just rounded Cape Finisterre in 25 knot head winds and dense fog, but with only light seas. I guess we have officially crossed the Bay of Biscay without event.

A great day today that began with dolphins on the bow for about 30 minutes, hours and hours of terrific spinnaker sailing (top speed 12.8 knots), after we'd put the kite away the winds dropped, the sea settled in time for all of us to enjoy Nancy's lasagna (surely a recipe from Ourstar) as the sun set; And, just then, we were surrounded by a pod of pilot whales. Black, small (by whale standards), and beautiful animals that seemed curious to know what we were. Fortunately our keel did not look like a willing mate and the pod moved on.

Tonight has been long and a bit stressful as the wind picked up very quickly and strongly as we neared the Cape and then the fog appeared. I have been pleased we'd had winds from the east all day and thus would not face the dreaded lee shore as we rounded the Cape. However, the wind moved to southwest/west, increased sharply, and we do have a bit of a lee shore. Nancy has redone the navigations to keep up about 5 miles off the shore. The Spanish call this place the Cabo del Morte and tonight with the wind and deep fog, it feels like a few sailors' souls are still wandering around.

Winds and spirits willing we will be Villagarcia, Spain by lunch time with the near 500 miles and 3 days/nights behind us.

Best to all,

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