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Apsara's Log: 299 miles out

Saturday - 1300 local; 0100 utc

We are now about 40 hours from arrival in New Zealand. The latest weather data is not especially encouraging. A lot of talk that "the LOW (pressure system) is expected to be rather deep, around 985Millibars", "strong winds and a lot of instability will generate squalls and thunderstorms" and "expecting the cold front to be crossing Opua about 18utc on the 14th, about the time you reach there."

So it looks like instead of beating the cold front we will be meeting the cold front and will have winds of 30 to 40 knots with "scattered thunderstorms. Seas building and becoming confused in gusty winds" Not a piece of cake but the alternative is to stop now and lay off shore for 24 hours and then proceed in after the front. Over lunch of black bean soup, quesadillas, and the last of our fresh carrots, the crew votes to continue in.

That's the plan for now.

Apsara's crew

s/v Apsara

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