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Apsara's Log: One down one to go

Barometer down another 3 mb in last 4 hours. Last bit of weather was the first and weaker front. Wind peaked at a steady 30 knots with gusts to 40. Boat speed topped out at 12 knots, Lasted about three hours so the seas never more than 10 feet and now we are back in sunshine with a steady 25-28 knots. Apsara flying along nicely with only reefed head sail at 8+ knots. Hot soup is on the stove.

The whole affair started with Nancy's 6:00 AM watch and she did most of the reefing down as the winds increased. Then Skipper was called on deck to assist First Mate/The Admiral but successfully dallied at finding and putting on wet gear such that he missed the worst of it.

Just receiving the 24 forecast fax chart. The portion of the map outlining New Zealand looks like someone's big thumb print - tight isobars (strong winds) covering the whole of the North Island. Forecast pressure of low is not too bad, 976 mb. We should get hit by the brunt of this front around midnight local time (4:00 AM California time). Nancy insisting that I have my gear laid out, if not half on. We'll be fine, should be a fast run in with just scrapes of sail flying and a big rooster tail!

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