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Just a quick note to say that all is well

November 25, 2003     At 21:40 GMT, we are at position 24.53N; 021.33W.  
Wind 16 knots from NE     Swell of 5-8 feet  

We are currently having a nice sail at about 7.5 knots on a course of 185 degrees. With the wind directly aft, we have had to jibe today.

Had some excitement earlier today which resulted in a 3 meter tear in the asymmetrical spinnaker, but we were able to patch the sail and expect it to work fine tomorrow.

The swell has come down a little since the start, and sea-sickness is thankfully getting better for all. I believe that my mom and I are the only ones that are still suffering somewhat - I guess it is in the genes ;-)

We were late reporting our position to the ARC today, so please don't be alarmed if our position has not yet registered on the website. (The communications officer (yours truly) was feeling ill, and momentarily forgot to send in our 12 zulu data)

All the best,

Nancy & the rest of the Apsara crew.

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