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No Squalls Yet :-)

Tue, 2 Dec 2003  

Hello again from the folks on Apsara! Just a quick note to let you know that all is still going very well out here in the Atlantic.

It is 1235 UTC and our position is 17.17N; 39.41W. Wind SSE 16-18 knots, which puts us unexpectedly on a beam reach and we are having a nice sail. Our course is about 280 degrees, and we are moving between 7-8 knots over the ground.

Given the forecasts for heavy squalls, we were watching the weather closely last night. It was a warm and very very calm night, with winds decreasing to 13 knots at times. We did see some squalls on the radar last night that came close to our position, but we were lucky and the most we felt was a few raindrops! Listening to the radio roll call just now, it appears that boats to the north of us had more squalls, but no windspeeds in excess of 25 knots were reported today. And despite the warnings of 50-70 knot gusts in squalls, no one in our radio group has reported experiencing anything above 35 knots - we are hoping this holds!

Today the skies are clearing, and it is really warm. It is also especially warm inside the boat because Carmen has just baked three loaves of fresh bread ;-)

All the best! And thanks for the kind notes of encouragement - keep 'em coming, we love hearing from you!

Apsara and her faithful crew

s/v Apsara

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