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Atlantic update from Apsara

Thu, 4 Dec 2003  

We are on the downhill slope! I think many of us will start to feel disappointment at the trip ending soon. We have 800+ miles to go and cover about 200 miles a day. Looks like we will arrive Monday. Yesterday pm we lost all wind and began motoring instead of just drifting. Too bad, but at least we have plenty of fuel to make it possible. Continued motoring throughout the night and this morning are hoping for winds to arrive soon. Watches become lazy times when motoring. Nancy and I let Pete sleep through his entire watch time since the seas were very calm and Nancy could actually just sit and steer with her toes!

Great excitement last evening when at last we caught a fish! It is a dorado, exactly the fish my brother Don has been hoping we could get. It was quite large as we have two 5 lb filets from it. Carmen will prepare it today and we will have a feast. We were all happy for Pete who finally broke through the fishing curse, but Henrick was quick to point out it, afterall, was only one fish in 2000 miles! It had a flying fish in it's stomach! Don, thanks for the advise. It arrived just after the catch!

We had a fabulous sunrise this am complete with the seas relecting the peach colored skies and a beautiful full spectrum rainbow arching from one huge cumulous cloud to another although no rain appeared to be involved. Nancy and I had to call Carmen up from her pastry baking more than once to see how it kept getting more and more spectacular. We took some pictures so perhaps will be able to share the views.

We have had a beautiful white bird, not a frigate though, circling the boat for a lomg time this morning. He acts like he is going to land, and then misses the mark and circles again. Simple entertainment for all. Our clocks remain on GMT but we have now shifted our meal schedule to fit the daylight hours better...we slipped them by two hours yesterday. According to our clocks the sunrise is a bit after 9. Eveyone has their nose in a book, and I am anxious to do the same. Thanks for all of the news you send.

The fresh fruit is diminishing and junk food snacks are prevalent on the counter. By the way, I am craving a diet coke!

s/v Apsara

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